Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Going Rogue: An American Life

Going Rogue: An American LifeGoing Rogue: An American Life by Sarah Palin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'll start off by saying I'm not giving this five stars because I happen to have voted her ticket in 2008. I'm not giving it five stars because I'm trying to make her ratings look better. I'm giving it five stars because it spells out everything the mostly biased media chose to ignore or mislead people on. I can't say Sarah Palin was one of my favorite people once I started reading it. I admit I started to get sick of seeing her on TV, felt disappointed in how things went with the election. I felt like John McCain had truly chosen the wrong VP pick at the time. But after hearing Sarah's side of the story, I can totally understand why she was chosen.

The woman is nothing short of remarkable, incredible and all those other magnificent adjectives. It started pissing me off that so little of her accomplishments were heralded by the mostly biased media during the campaign. The way she was portrayed by most of the news networks, you would have thought McCain and his camp had pulled her and her "hillbilly" family from the bottom of an oil barrel. That couldn't be further from the truth. People want to tout her as an idiot, an unschooled hick from way up north where all they are concerned about is hunting, snow shoeing and drilling oil to “kill the bears”. Again, totally misleading.

She was more bipartisan as a governor than any of those congressmen and senate creeps in DC. When she came into office as governor, she cleared out the bad politics; Democrat AND Republican thank you very much. I think most people believe there are a lot of dirty people in the oil industry and I'm not speaking of the guys doing the actual drilling. I'm talking of back room buy-outs of senate and congressman, in Alaska alone. Sarah took on these greedy bastards and succeeded in doing what no other Alaskan governor has done with these oil companies...do as the Alaskan people want, this is our state, not your money making machine to do as you see fit. Go Sarah!

I also admit being utterly disappointed in Sarah for leaving her elected position as governor early. Again, after hearing her version of that story, I understand again and I believe it has nothing to do with greed. I won't give away the answer on why she left, but I can't blame her.

In all honesty, I think Sarah Palin could be the next president of our great country. I didn't feel that way before reading this book, but now I do. Sarah can truly be bipartisan, Sarah can tell those good old boy politicians to take a hike, and Sarah wants free enterprise, not huge government bail outs and bigger government. America is a nation that should rely on the private sector to ride through these economic storms, not by government bailouts to too large companies that in all rights need to fail so that better suited companies can rise up to the challenge.

I am sold on Sarah Palin; she's a person for all people. They just need to look past the biased, liberal agenda stories written and told by people who sold their souls to the devil to make her look bad. It makes me feel very ashamed that the country I love was so swayed by the narrow minded and hateful media.

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