Friday, July 22, 2011

Bad romance, bad, get out of my sight! (for just a little while)

I really need to get off the romance's for a while. Sheesh! Even though some of the genre I've been overdosing on is Christian, it's still a bit much.

I will be going back to the monstrously huge, Decision Points by George Bush. It's just that it's so heavy. I've been enjoying reading my Kindle books on my Droid X. I can quite literally read it anywhere...and I have too!

Never a Bride

Never a BrideNever a Bride by Amelia Grey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh la la. This is was a cute, romantic read and I liked the plotline and the a degree. It was pretty predictable, I figured out whodunit and the would-they-end-up-together pretty easily, but getting there, I will admit, was fun!

One particular thing that bothered me about the main character, Mirabella, was her liberties with the "gentlemen" and her reasons for doing so. It just seemed a little out of character. I mean, I get why she did it, it just was a little silly.

Another mild peeve I had was her ignorance of her own sexuality. Asking her lover, "oohhh, why do I feel like this?", "What is this splendid feeling?". It was pretty comical.

I read it very quickly so obviously it grabbed my attention, but thinking back, it was a little bit flaky. I'll give it four stars.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Surrender the Heart

Surrender the HeartSurrender the Heart by M.L. Tyndall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really, really liked this book! It was an action packed Christian romance based on historical events. Perfect combo for me.

I am quite often getting the free Kindle books from Amazon and mostly enjoy them, but this one was extra special. While this one was Christian, it didn't lack for romance either.

Set in time leading up to the War of 1812 between The United States and British Empire, we meet Marianne as she is prepping for her arraigned engagement to the insufferable Noah Brenin. Their families have set up the engagement for the benefit of their own families, however neither one wants to be married to the other. She thinks Noah is a boor and a clod. He thinks she's a spoiled rich brat. However, Marianne isn't really rich anymore, she needs to marry someone in order to receive the inheritance her deceased father had set up for her in order to take care of her ailing mother.

Quickly Noah shows his face at the engagement party and quickly departs to sail his merchant ship to England. His hopes are to make enough money and not have to marry the prissy, Marianne. Little does Noah know that taking off as he did from the party has irritated Marianne to no end and she takes off after him to his ship.

A little incident happens and next thing Marianne knows, she is out to sea with no hope of return. Noah is absolutely disgusted knowing he has to spend months at sea with his unwanted fiancée. She wants to return home to her mother but he cannot risk turning back and not making the fortune he hopes to make with his load.

Marianne hatches plans to destroy the inventory but ends up getting the ship into trouble with a British man o'war frigate, The Undefeatable. Several of the crew and Marianne are impressed with the British ship; basically made into slaves.

In this situation, Noah and Marianne see the strength in each other and realize they must start to rely on God to see them through these hard times. They must trust God that he has a plan and they must accept that they do not know His plan, only that there in one.

Through stormy seas, beatings, horrendous surroundings, Marianne, Noah and the rest of Noah's captured crew makes plans to escape. Through a series of action packed events, they come to their moment of escape and it doesn't go as planned. Noah and Marianne are separated and both are heartbroken. Noah vows he will get Marianne back, even risk death as he'd rather die with her, than without her. Awwwwww!!

I won't go on anymore from there, don't want to spoil it! It really was such a fantastic book. I cannot wait to read more from this author.

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