Thursday, December 1, 2011

Superflex Takes on Glassman and the Team of Unthinkables (Social Thinking)

Superflex Takes on Glassman and the Team of Unthinkables (Social Thinking)Superflex Takes on Glassman and the Team of Unthinkables by Stephanie Madrigal

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My daughter shows signs of ADHD so this book was recommended to us. She struggles with having big reactions to small problems; she is a perfectionist to boot. This book uses cartoon characters called "The Unthinkables", to point out which one of these characters might get into your head and might cause the child to have that big reaction. For instance when my daughter is stuck on an issue and can't get over it, it means she has "Rock Brain" in her head. Superflex helps recognize that Rock Brain is in her head and shows her how she can overcome getting stuck on a problem.

There is a tornado looking character called "Twistermeister". He puts lots of words and ideas into the child's head so they talk about random things that make them blurt out. My daughter is big on interrupting so pointing out that there is a tornado of words in her head that want to come out helps her see that she can learn to control those spinning words and stop from blurting out.

There are many characters that might help children with attention issues and how to move past them. The thing I liked best about this is teaching my daughter that small problems don't need big reactions. A small problem only needs a small reaction. My daughter is six so this helps her understand her issues in an easy manner.

This is a work in progress but I figure I will use all the tools I can to help my daughter succeed in having good behavior at school.

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