Friday, April 29, 2011

Love at First Flight

Love at First FlightLove at First Flight by Marie Force

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This Kindle book has been sitting on my Kindle App on my phone for a couple of months. I'm not sure what took me so long to get to reading it but I really enjoyed it! It was a sweet romance with an intriguing plot and dash of crime and mystery. A lot of sweet proclamations of love from the heart (and of course some great steamy parts too!).

Juliana meets Michael as they are flying from Baltimore to Jacksonville to spend the weekend with their significant others. They find they have an immediate connection but make nothing of it knowing they are each committed to someone else. Coincidentally they realize they are also taking the same flight home at the end of the weekend. They wish each other a nice weekend and will see each other in a couple of days.

Come the end of the weekend Michael finds Juliana in tears at the airport after a disastrous weekend with her boyfriend whom she is now taking a break from. Michael confesses he broke off his engagement with his fiancée. Together they talk out their frustrations and by the time they walk to the parking lot to go home, fate steps in and Juliana's car won't start.

Michael offers to drive her home but she says she does not want to stay at the place she and her boyfriend shared. He quickly offers her his spare room which, as fate would have it, is only a few blocks from Juliana's home. She hesitantly agrees but knows it is a good place to be since no one will know where she is.

Michael can feel right off the bat that Juliana is the perfect woman for him and makes it known to her. Juliana in turn says while she has feelings for Michael as well, she is only on a break from her boyfriend of ten years and cannot get involved with another man.

However, crazy and terrible things start to happen to Juliana as she lives in Michaels home that endanger her life and draws her closer to Michael whom will do anything to protect her.

Juliana's feelings continue to grow stronger for Michael but she is so confused about who she really belongs with, Michael, or her long time boyfriend, Jeremy.

Michael says he won't give up on her, but neither will Jeremy. Who will she choose? Who is she meant to be with? A new, powerful and all consuming love or a long time dependent love, the only love she had known until now?

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