Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Secret Keeper

The Secret KeeperThe Secret Keeper by Kate Morton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


How can I describe this book?? There was so much to it. I was gripped by every word from start to finish. I took my time reading it so I wouldn't miss anything, no skimming whatsoever! I had to flit around in the book and reread parts as the story, the history, the characters, as all the puzzle pieces started to come together. There were a lot of oooohhh! and ah-ha! moments.

Kate Morton is a master story-teller. It's a maze of events spanning from 1928 Australia to 2011 England. It's how friends, children, lovers, and acquaintances lives are affected from the horror of the World War II blitz on England. There is tragedy, there is love, there is confusion, betrayal, and mystery. And of course, secrets that were never meant to be told.

I had the puzzle pieces more or less put together before the big revelation but still, it was in no less of a great and pleasing surprise. It was funny, as I realized what might have happened, I had to put the book down...I had goosebumps! Soooo good!

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