Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Shoemakers Wife

The Shoemaker's WifeThe Shoemaker's Wife by Adriana Trigiani
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There was so much to this book and spanned so much time, it was a journey I will not soon forget! Lovely, lovely story.

This beautiful tale starts in the early 1900's in the gorgeous and airy Alps of Italy. Two children, Enza and Ciro, are living a few miles apart but don't meet until a tragic event brings them together ever so briefly at 15 years old. Before this new found crush can come to fruition, Ciro is sent to America to avoid a work camp as an unfair punishment for something he witnessed in a Catholic church. Enza, who did not know why Ciro left or where he went, heads to America too to help her family earn money to build a home back in Italy.

Through a series of chance run-ins in New York City, Enza and Ciro are never in the right place to make a go of the feelings they have for one another. It isn't until what seems the worst time for them to come together that Ciro steps up and risks his heart to claim her heart as his. Is Enza willing to give up the glamour of New York and The Met? Is she willing to risk an unknown life with this great man who claimed her heart so many years ago on the mountain?

Family tragedy, a near death sea voyage, a war, these two struggle through good times and bad to find what love really is.

I found myself reading this entire book with an Italian accent in my head. Ha ha! The writing was so beautiful and descriptive and I had no problems whatsoever picturing the mountains, The Met, and all the characters clearly in my mind.

An absolutely amazing, brilliant, heartwarming love story that will surely become a classic.

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