Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Rogue By Any Other Name (The Rules of Scoundrels, #1)

A Rogue By Any Other Name (The Rules of Scoundrels, #1)A Rogue By Any Other Name by Sarah MacLean
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

More like 3.5 stars.

If I had to pick two words that were overused in this book it would be, "more" and "adventure". How many times can you hear a word before it loses it's meaning?

This book had it's good parts, it's predictable parts, and a few eye rolling parts. Overall, it was a good book but I don't know if I will read the next book in the series. I don't often care for books where the female character keeps thinking she is not worthy, she is not beautiful enough, "why me" attitude? It's fine to a degree, but sometimes a book can overplay that weakness in a woman and it takes away from the story as a whole. I've read books who have played that pity-me-violin-tune way more than this book but thought I would point it out anyway.

I would still recommend this as a light read to those who enjoy historical romances.

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